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Aesthetic Vaginal Procedures

Sexual intimacy is an important part of living life to the fullest – for women of every age. Unfortunately, millions of women suffer in silence with vaginal, labia and bladder problems that interfere with their ability to enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. Board Certified OBGYN Chadi Haddad, DO in Dearborn Heights understands these sensitive issues – and offers patients the most advanced treatments that rejuvenate the vagina, labia and perineum area – restoring the appearance, comfort, function and pleasure of a woman’s genital area!

For some women vaginal dryness or looseness, decreased sexual sensitivity, painful intercourse, a distended labia, and urinary incontinence can result from childbirth. Other women experience these problems due to aging and the hormonal decline of menopause. These issues can make a women self-conscious about the appearance of their intimate areas as well as interfere with a satisfying sex life.

However, there is no need for women to suffer in silence with conditions that interfere with their ability to enjoy sex. Dr. Chadi Haddad offers several  life-changing treatments to restore women’s sexual health & enjoyment, including labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and perineoplasty. With a compassionate and skilled approach, experienced surgeon Dr. Haddad empowers women to take control of their health – so they can enjoy an active, exciting sex life at every age. Schedule an appointment to experience personalized women’s healthcare that you can trust – and take the first step toward regaining satisfying sexual intimacy.